Our Roadmap

  • Fund Management Team

    Is a reputable company that manages funds for more than 50 digital finance businesses

  • Start-up Investment

    Design ideas, development orientation for technology companies, and advise on setting up IPOs to help companies go public

  • Fund Management & Provide Investment Capital

    Nominated as the leading IPO organization, and also the CEO of fund management, funding more than 200 businesses with a charter capital of more than $5B

  • Trading Combines AI Technology

    Research to create trading BOTs with artificial intelligence technology to optimize profit and time with more than 30 experts

    Feb 2021
  • Core Technology Upgrade

    Successfully created software to measure crowd psychology, officially announced the launch of copyright BOT with millions of dollars worth of BOTs

    Dec 2021
  • Establish a Trade Fast company

    Launched an idea and established a separate fund management company Trade Fast LTD

    Dec 2021
  • Sell ​​software to other funds

    More than 300,000 people have registered and used the company software and Bot

    Jun 2022
  • Launched Platform

    Officially launched the TradeXFast fund management investment platform

    Nov 2022
  • Open representative office

    Open representative office in Asia and Europe

    Apr 2023
  • Global Expansion

    There are at least 50 representative offices worldwide

    Aug 2023
  • Meet the Leaders

    Organize meetings with senior leaders of countries

    Nov 2023
  • New Platform

    Launch of TradeXFast Exchange

    Feb 2024
  • Big Marketing and Plans

    Carrying out a marketing campaign and announcing the company IPO plan in the near future

    Oct 2024
  • List the company on the stock exchanges

    Inviting leaders from other countries to the UK to witness the launch of shares and prepare for the listing of the company on leading stock exchanges

    May 2025
  • Rapid growth

    Marks an important milestone in the growth rate of the company shares, ranked in the top companies on the stock exchanges

    Dec 2025
  • New Product

    Research and establish a quantum bank, produce intelligent robots to replace humans in digital technology and explore the universe

    2026 - 2028